We offer component level break-fix and repair service through our workshop. Our repair service covers component swapping, circuit board testing, mainboard repair with IC replacement, with competitive price against whole module or unit exchange. It lowers the cost of repair to our customers.


Advanced Repair Skills

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Short form of Ball Grid Array – it is a mounting technology in which the CHIPS is attached to the Circuit Board in Grid pattern, the “Solder Ball /Foot” is often used for the packaging. BGA is similar to PGA packaging (Pins Grid Array), but using Solder Balls instead of metal pins to allow more contact points between the Chips and the circuit board.

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Short for Integrated Circuit, was first conceived by radar scientist at 1909. Integrated circuits can be classified into analog, digital and mixed signal (both analog and digital on the same chip).

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Modern transistors are divided into two main categories: bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) and field effect transistors (FETs). Application of current in BJTs and voltage in FETs between the input and common terminals increases the conductivity between the common and output terminals, thereby controlling current flow between them.